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Give your business the exposure it deserves by dominating the rankings in Google with our SEO services. We'll increase your business website visibility on Google with proven SEO strategies and make all digital roads lead to you.

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Attract more customers with our SEO services. SEO help drive more customers to your website, E-commerce store, products, and services than any other online marketing strategies.

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Drive demand for your goods or services with our top-notch SEO. Watch as your company grows from new streams of inquiries or customers who want to purchase your good and services, as a result of our SEO.

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We aren’t satisfied with only the top spot. We want to take over the whole page. We have successfully dominated for the toughest searches in major Massachusetts cities and the nation. Let's help you dominate your market.

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We are here to help with all your SEO and digital marketing needs. Whether you have a question, a problem to resolve, or in need of an update, we would be happy to hear from you. We are not a faceless agency. You’ll get to know our professional Phoenix SEO team.

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Phoenix SEO Services


Phoenix seo services
  • SEO Services

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps your site appear at the top of Google. Your customers use and trust Google every day. If your business website isn’t on the top, you are missing out. Our Phoenix SEO consultants can help.

  • Social Media Management

    Build your brand and engage your customer base with social media. Your customers are talking about you on social media – be part of the conversation.

  • Video Marketing Services

    The use of video to market your business is essential to growing your brand and expanding your client base.

Our Results Speak For Themselves

Here are just a few of the major Arizona cities we rank in. We hold many positions on Page 1 against our competition in Phoenix and nationally. Our SEO specialists can do the same for your business!

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What Business Owners are Saying About Our SEO Services

  • Jon Griffin
    Nurudeen Tijani is truly dedicated to his clients. He has provided phenomenal service, and I highly recommend him. And besides his professionalism and integrity, he is able to produce the SEO results you are looking for online. When you are ready to expand online, call Nurudeen – you will be glad you did!
    Jon Griffin Founder and Owner, Spartan Coast
  • Lisa Roberti
    Highly recommended! Nurudeen Tijani is an SEO powerhouse! If you need someone who knows SEO, Nurudeen can get your business seen on the front page of Google. His dedication and leadership will allow you to see results quickly during the process of getting your business to the top. Trust Nurudeen and the whole TitaniumClicks Media team to use the best strategies to attract more visitors to your website and get you more sales online. Nurudeen has an amazing attitude and work ethic. You will absolutely get results when you work with him.
    Lisa Roberti Owner, Amani Consulting Corp
  • Eric Serpa
    It's been a pleasure to work with Nurudeen and Titanium Media. Their approaches in SEO are current, unique and powerful. To stay ahead of your competition and improve your bottom line, getting your business in front of your searching customers is a must, and this team can do it. Highly recommended.
    Eric Serpa Founder, Quantom Co.

The Benefits of SEO for Local Businesses in Phoenix

About Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix is the State capital of Arizona. It has the highest population of all cities in Arizona (over 1.6 million people). The city spans 517.9 square miles. Phoenix is well known for great weather (year-round sunshine), high-end spa resorts, great golf courses as well as vibrant nightclubs. Phoenix started as an agricultural settlement in 1867 where the Gila and Salt rivers converge.

The city’s canal system enabled a thriving farming community with crops such as citrus, cotton, and alfalfa remaining critical to the city's economy for decades. The primary drivers of Phoenix's economy were cotton, citrus, cattle, copper, and climate until after WWII when high-tech companies started moving in. The city became the official capital of Arizona in 1889.

Businesses in Phoenix

Initially, Phoenix businesses revolved around agriculture and natural resources. As the city became more accessible, i.e., after the Sky Harbor airport and Union Station were built, Phoenix welcomed other industries. The construction industry grew after WWII spearheaded by servicemen returning with their families and creating a suburban development template. For 40 years, the city experienced an annual growth rate of 4% (from the 1960’s to 2000's). The construction industry collapsed after the financial crisis.

As of 2014, a majority of businesses in Phoenix fell in the manufacturing, real estate, finance and insurance, retail trade as well as healthcare industries. The city boasted of a GDP of more than $215 billion. The top sources of employment as of 2010 were; sales, office & administrative support, transportation & material moving, management and food preparation & serving. Phoenix has more retail salespersons than any other occupation. This makes the city perfect for starting almost all kinds of business. Currently, Phoenix is home to fortune 500 companies among many other notable businesses.

phoenix arizona skyline

Phoenix Skyline

Benefits of SEO in Phoenix, AZ

  • Get on the 1st page of Google SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages)

Google controls 86% of all internet traffic globally despite the fact that there are other search engines like Bing and Yahoo. Given that most people use Google to find information, products and services online and people hardly go past page one search results; the importance of featuring high up on SERPs can't be overlooked. Search Engine Optimization is a tested and proven technique for getting your website to rank as high as possible. SEO simply lets Google know what your site is about, the geolocation, target audience among other important info. For local businesses, SEO is extremely important since it gives small businesses a chance to create a dominant web presence capable of rivaling small as well as big competitors. A reputable Phoenix SEO expert can get your business as high up on page one SERPs as possible giving you the chance to capitalize on targeted website traffic.

  • Convert leads into sales

Getting on the first page of Google SERPs isn’t enough. Your potential clients need to visit your website and actually buy whatever you are selling otherwise SEO won’t do you any good. Local SEO makes it possible for searchers to spot the best local businesses capable of giving them exactly what they want. SEO techniques such as mobile optimization ensure your site looks perfect on any device when your potential customers visit. Having a user-friendly and responsive website is crucial for converting searches to sales. A website can get a lot of traffic but little to no sales because of several reasons. Search Engine Optimization can solve conversion problems to a great extent by building a responsive website and reputable online brand that earns the trust of potential customers instantly. Local SEO also targets user intention aligning your business perfectly with the intentions of your target audience.

  • Better than traditional advertising on all levels

SEO for local business is inexpensive when compared to conventional advertising channels Like TV and Radio ads, yet it is more effective. Online directories like Foursquare, Yelp among many others display business names, phone no’s, address among other information such as a short business description. Local directories dominate local search results, yet local directory marketing is just a small part of local SEO strategies offering higher conversion rates. This simply shows the importance of getting your business listed on an online directory site.

When you work with a reputable Phoenix SEO company, your local business gets listed accurately on quality online directory sites only ensuring you convert at least half of your leads into real customers. Furthermore, you also get to claim your free Google My Business listing which costs you nothing but offers a very high chance of ranking exceptionally for Google local search results.

SEO for your local business offers a better ROI than traditional ads on local newspapers, leaflets, TV and Radio ads because there is very little wasted exposure. What’s more; exposure isn’t dictated by the amount of money you have but the experience and skill of the Phoenix SEO company you choose to handle all your SEO needs.

TitaniumClicks Media: Best Phoenix SEO services

Many local businesses in Phoenix haven’t realized the importance of internet marketing yet. This leaves a perfect opportunity for a head start. You have the opportunity to beat your local competition online and by extension, offline provided you work with a Phoenix SEO company with a proven track record.

It isn’t advisable to do SEO for your own business unless you are an expert. Google penalizes websites for bad SEO practices. Considering Google algorithms change frequently, and some seemingly good SEO practices in the past have now become bad, SEO should be left to experts only.

Titaniumclicks has helped hundreds of small local businesses in Phoenix, Arizona, and neighboring areas build a robust online presence and boost sales for more than eight years now. Having a local business website isn’t enough. There is a lot that must be done for your business to be seen online, inspire trust and convert.

Titaniumclicks uses a variety of SEO services and other digital marketing services. We kick start our services with a FREE detailed SEO audit.

"If you are looking to expanding your online presence, you should contact Nurudeen. Nurudeen and the TitaniumClicks Media team knows what it takes to conquer page one of Google and will take good care of your business. His passion for SEO and his client's success makes him second to none. I highly recommend Nurudeen to any company looking for SEO services."

Craig Hansen, Rapid Traction

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