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Benefits of a Website SEO Audit: Check Website Performance, Improve Website SEO & Rank Higher in Google

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To have a thriving online business, you MUST have a website that works perfectly! However, countless variables dictate a website’s performance. For instance, your site must be fast and comprehensive. It must also be optimized perfectly for search engines otherwise it won’t rank high on Google. Your website also needs to be responsive. The appearance and functionality of your site should also be perfect on all devices. There are many other variables to consider which explains why many website owners find internet marketing challenging.

If online marketing confuses you, don’t worry. We, TitaniumClicks Media, have the perfect tool for you.

TitaniumClicks Media is a leading SEO firm in Boston, Massachusetts. We work with businesses in the Greater Boston area as well as nationally. We offer a variety of internet marketing services crafted to ensure our clients tower above their competition! Most importantly, we have pioneered new online marketing tools that have enabled us enjoy success where many have failed.

Our FREE website SEO analyzer will check your site in seconds and produces a comprehensive report on all major issues affecting your site’s performance. No more guesswork! Our website Analyzer will let you know all your site’s teething problems as well as the actions you need to take to fix them.

All you need to do is enter your site’s URL and analyze. The tool will analyze your site in seconds, unearth major problems and generate a report that helps you take the necessary action to improve your site. Most importantly, the Website Analyzer will grade your site (by generating a % website score). You can run the report on your site as well as your competitor’s site to get insights on how you can beat all your competitors on Google!

seo website score

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Website Audit Report

The report generated by the Website Analyzer Tool covers two broad areas namely; Website information and offsite statistics.

Website information

  1. URL

Search engines like Google have specific URL guidelines. For your website’s URL to be considered perfect, it shouldn’t have special characters like underscores. If you must use separators, use hyphens instead of underscores.

In addition, your URL shouldn’t be blacklisted. Google blacklists URL’s found to be engaging or associated with harmful behavior ranging from bad SEO practices to insecurity. If browsers flag your website because of malware, your site URL can be blacklisted.

Google also favors URLs with favicons (images representing your website’s brand on; browser tabs, bookmark lists among other places). Google associates favicons with good branding practices.

Our Website Analyzer will check your URL and report if you meet the best URL guidelines/what you should do.

website audit URL analysis

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2. Title and Meta Tags

Google has special title tag guidelines. A title tag can be defined as a HTML element specifying the title of a website page. Google also has special Meta Tag guidelines. A Meta Tag can be defined as a snippet of text describing the contents of a webpage. Your title tag shouldn’t be longer than 70 characters because Google normally displays the first 70 characters of title tags. Nothing more!

Meta descriptions shouldn't exceed 320 characters for the same reason. Long title/meta tags tend to have a lower click-through rate on search engine result pages because they feature incomplete information.

website seo title and meta tags analysis

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Our Website Analyzer assesses title/meta tags and shows whether they meet Google’s latest algorithm update. If you need assistance creating perfect title and meta tags, don’t hesitate to contact us. Important: There is more to title/meta tags than length. The tags need to be compelling and feature keywords intelligently.

3. Image analysis

All the images in your website must have an alt text (words or phrase inserted as attributes in HTML). Alt text name images. This makes alt text important for user experience and search engine optimization (SEO).

Our Website Analyzer Tool conducts image analysis on your site revealing those images which need attention i.e., those which don’t have alt text.

site seo ranking image analysis

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4. Heading tags (H1, H2, H3 tags)

Heading tags are elements which symbolize headings in a webpage. H1 tags symbolize the most important heading in a webpage i.e., what the webpage is about. H2, H3, … are used for subheadings i.e., elaborating content further. Together, heading tags let search engines know the precise structure of content in a webpage.

Our Website Analyzer gives comprehensive details on the status of heading tags on your entire site. Your webpage must have all tags. The headings should also have keywords inserted in them intelligently.

website seo heading tags analyzer

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5. Content analysis

Google has specific website content guidelines that must be met. Our online website checker has been built with the latest content guidelines in mind. The tool reports on three main content areas namely; Text/HTML ratio as well as the existence of a sitemap and a robots.txt file.

The Text/HTML ratio is the % of visible text in relation to HTML elements like image tags among other "invisible" elements. Google recommends a Text/HTML ratio ranging from 25 to 70%.

Your website must also have a sitemap which is; a file that shows search engines how your website content is organized. A robots.txt file can be defined as a list of commands that tells search engines which files can/can’t be retrieved. A robots.txt file is crucial if you don’t want search engines to index certain content.

webite content analysis checker

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Using our online website checker, you can tell if your website meets the latest content guidelines. You’ll also discover important information such as; the most-used words and related metrics like density, and whether the keyword has been used in heading tags as well as title/meta tags. The tool gives detailed information on each keyword. Such information will help you assess whether your website meets the latest keyword guidelines.

6. Code analysis

There are specific elements that shouldn’t be in your website code i.e., inline CSS and Iframe. When included in the code, inline CSS tends to decrease site performance. CSS states how HTML components are displayed. Although iframes are supported by search engines, they can cause many problems when they don’t match the conceptual web model. Our website analyzer can let you know if these elements are present in your site code. We can help you get rid of them.

Our tool can also detect the presence of a in your code. Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft have a data markup schema that supports all the major search engines.

search engines optimization code analysis

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7. Security analysis

SSL is a crucial component of website security today. Our Website Analyzer report has a section on security analysis that highlights if your site is secure or not. Google ranks websites which have an SSL certificate higher on SERPs. Some website browsers also warn website visitors in case they attempt to visit a website which doesn’t have an SSL certificate. Therefore, website security is important for SEO and user experience.

check your website security analysis

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8. Speed analysis

Google considers site speed when ranking websites. Site speed is also an important user experience factor. Our online website checker tests your website’s speed and gives a detailed report on the optimizations found as well as those you should do if any. Our tool gives you a score and precise recommendations! No need for guesswork!

check website speed performance

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9. Mobile analysis

Our online website checker report also includes a section on mobile analysis highlighting if your website meets Google’s latest website responsiveness guidelines. Over 50% of all internet users now use mobile devices to browse the internet. The importance of website mobile analysis can’t be overlooked.

website mobile-friendly checker

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Offsite statistics

10. Social analysis

Our Website Analyzer is one of the few online website checker tools today offering important offsite statistics on a website’s social media presence. Our tool checks for social signals such as shares likes and followers for all the major social media sites and recommends appropriate action to boost social media experiences. Remember, Google considers social media presence/engagement when ranking websites today.

website social media analysis checker

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11. Ranking and local

Website Analyzer also checks your website on all the major local directories. Listing your website in all the major local directories improves your site’s local ranking. Local directory listings also improve user experience.

local seo ranking

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12. Link analysis

The report also includes a detailed link analysis highlighting the total number of links, quality of links, type/number of special links, etc.

The report also has an overall website score and summary with recommendations/tasks stating everything you must do to boost your website performance.

search engine optimisation link analysis

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Important: The SEO specialists at TitaniumClicks Media are ready to help you implement all the recommendations. Our FREE website audit is only meant to help you check website performance. You must act on the Website Audit report to improve website performance and outrank your competition.

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Free Website Analyzer

Enter your URL below to get a full in-depth report on your website along with tips on how to improve your online presence.

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Free Website Audit

Enter your URL below to get a full in-depth report on your website along with tips on how to improve your online presence.

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